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Find the Best Cordless Strimmer Reviews in Our Guide

Cordless strimmers are ideal for those small jobs around the garden or elsewhere around their house.

Since you are reading this guide, you are someone that plans ahead, and you don’t want just any old model, you want the best cordless strimmer possible.

Use the our guide that includes comparison tables, reviews and videos to help find out more about cordless grass trimmers and how they can make your life easier in the garden.

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What makes the Cordless Strimmer different?

If you have never used a cordless strimmer then you will not be surprised that they are very similar to corded electric models.

The main difference is that they use a re-chargeable battery for power. By using a rechargeable battery there are no cables or extension leads to worry about, so you can read any area and maneuvering the strimmer is easy.

Recommended Cordless Strimmers

Below are 3 of the most popular cordless strimmers out there. Checkout the comparison table for a snapshot of their features and read the more in depth reviews of each strimmer to see if their features meet your needs so take your time and see if you can find the right machine for you.

#1 – Bosch ART 23 LI

Bosch ART 23 LI Cordless 14.4 Volt Li-Ion Grass TrimmerKey Features

  • Innovative plastic blade system (comes with 12 plastic blades)
  • Cordless; runs on a 14.4V Lithium—Ion battery
  • 23 cm Cutting Diameter
  • Convenient replacement blade storage
  • Rotating 90 degree head
  • Two handed design
  • Comes with its own instruction manual
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

You may have tried strimmers and other methods of grass cutting before, but the Bosch ART 23 LI Cordless 14.4 Volt Li-Ion Grass Trimmer will change your mind about garden trimming forever.This device comes with many features, all designed to offer a user the optimum amount of comfort, versatility and efficiency.

No longer will cutting grass be a problem, and no longer will you have to put up with machines that do the job half-heartedly. You can soon get your garden looking exactly the way you want, down to the very last blade, in less the time and less the hassle.

The Bosch ART 23 LI Cordless 14.4 Volt Grass is a trimmer that revolutionizes the way you used to cut grass in and around your garden.

The first thing you need to know about this device is that it is cord-free. This saves you from the hassle of getting your cord tangled up or having to deal with cords that are too short to reach all the corners of your garden. The Lithium-Ion battery allows you to cut over 1000meters of green with one charging.Bosch ART 23 LI Cordless 14.4 Volt Li-Ion Grass Trimmer

The cutting system of this trimmer, made up of tough and replaceable blades, offers less resistance than a trimmer line. The blade itself ensures users of a clean and accurate cut. This allows any user to give his/her garden an even, well-tended for look. Blades may be conveniently stored in the handle and the Bosch SDS.

The 90 degrees rotating head allows customers to easily trim grass and plants found in hard to reach places. The ergonomic two handed design of the Bosch ART 23 LI Cordless 14.4 Volt Li-Ion Grass Trimmer allows users of any height to comfortably use this trimmer. The telescopic handle is adjustable as well, for added convenience and comfort.

The overall trimmer is lightweight, weighing only 2.3kg. This allows for easy handling and maneuvering around the garden area with less effort.


  • The cordless nature of this device has been greatly commended, for it saves users the hassles that electrical operated strimmers may encounter due to short cords or entanglement.
  • The lightweight design of the product makes it very easy to use for all types of people.


One thing that has kept users less than satisfied is the battery’s life. It only lasts long enough to cut through 1000meters of grass, which is not convenient for people with larger gardens. Also, the blades have been said to have a shorter shelf life than expected. The Bosch ART 23 LI Cordless 14.4 Volt Li-Ion Grass Trimmer comes with a set of 12 blades, but when these are all used up, buying new blades becomes quite expensive.Bosch ART 23 LI Cordless 14.4 Volt Li-Ion Grass Trimmer

Customer Reviews

It can be concluded that majority of users who have reviewed this product are satisfied with the results they have gotten. The device does as advertised, leaving gardens looking neat and clean.

“After having bought not knowing how much of these useless line trimmers – this was it! Easy to set up, the knives hold a lot longer than I have read in another review, and the battery is absolutely fine. Great stuff!!!”

Ingrid, Amazon Customer Review

“Something like a toy after my petrol one, but very effective and does the job, although somewhat slower. Battery does not do the suggested time though.”

Grant-cire, Amazon Customer Review

The Bosch ART 23 LI Cordless 14.4V Trimmer has been reviewed by 41 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.0 out of 5.0. Click here – read more customer reviews on Amazon.


Watch this short video on using the Bosch Art 23 LI Grass Trimmer.


Overall, the Bosch ART 23 LI Cordless 14.4 Volt Li-Ion Grass Trimmer is a practical buy for people looking for an easy-to-use trimmer with all the above features mentioned. Since this device is battery operated however, there is a limit to how long it can be used at one time.

#2 – Bosch ART 23 Accu

Bosch ART 23 Accu Cordless 18 Volt NiCD Grass Trimmer Key Features

  • Cordless; runs on an NiCd battery
  • Innovative plastic blade system
  • Comes with 12 blades
  • Vertical trimming and edge-cutting features
  • Convenient replacement blade storage
  • Two handed design
  • Comes with an instruction manual


Cordless strimmers are all the rage in the grass trimming industry right now. The reason for this is that cord-free trimmers offer users freedom that electrical cords just cannot give. No longer will you have to worry about accidentally cutting through your power cord or not having enough cord length to move around your garden easily.

With the Bosch ART 23 Accu Cordless 18 Volt NiCD Grass Trimmer, you can reach any and every corner of your garden and more.If you are in the market for a battery operated trimmer, then this device is definitely something you would like to check out. The features this product comes with all work together to offer a user the best combination of efficiency, versatility and ease as possible.

The Bosch ART 23 Accu Grass Trimmer is a device that smoothly and easily takes care of overgrown gardens and unruly weeds with ease.Bosch ART 23 Accu Cordless 18 Volt NiCD Grass Trimmer

This device is a cordless trimmer, running on a NiCd battery which allows users to easily move around a garden freely with no restriction from a cable. The innovative cutting blade system of the product gives users the quickest and best way to trim grass, giving their whole gardens an even look. Twelve blades are included in this set, which can be easily put away in the convenient storage space in the trimmer’s handle.

A user can make the most out of the device’s vertical trimming and edge-cutting systems, to get their gardens looking exactly the way they want them to. The two handed design easily allows users of all heights to handle the device with ease.


  • The cord-free build of this device keeps a user free from the resistance that a power cord may offer.
  • The vertical trimming feature and edge-cutting system allow a consumer to trim his/her garden to his/her specifications precisely.
  • The instruction manual has been deemed helpful as well.


The battery of the device does not last long enough for people with larger gardens to trim the whole area.

Customer Reviews

Overall, majority of users are satisfied with their Bosch ART 23 Accu Cordless 18 Volt NiCD Telescopic Grass Trimmer (23 cm Cutting Diameter). The device does as advertised, and all of its said features work well accordingly.

The one downside to this device is its battery life, which some users have commented isn’t long enough to last through the whole trimming process of particularly large gardens.

“I bought this strimmer as I did not want to fiddle about with a line of wire and I used it yesterday it is brilliant I managed to cut weeds and do all my long grass and still had battery also the clips are so easy to change as I hit some wire this makes gardening so easy I also have the Bosch battery law mower and this has helped me cut two tennis court size lawns!”

Lottieluna, Amazon Customer Review

“This cordless trimmer is the bees knees. Hassle free No more having to unplug machine and replace line just push button and away you go. Battery ample to do large garden back and front as well as help out neighbours. Wish I had bought it at the beginning of the spring. Would recommend it to anyone.”

Betty, Amazon Customer Review

The Bosch ART 23 Accu Cordless 18 Volt Grass Trimmer has been reviewed by 54 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 3.5 out of 5.0. Click here – read more customer reviews on Amazon.

Bosch ART 23 Accu Cordless 18 Volt Grass Trimmer Verdict

In conclusion, the Bosch ART 23 Accu Cordless 18 Volt Grass Trimmer is a practical buy for users looking for a good trimmer to tend to their small and medium sized gardens.

#3 – Black & Decker GLC1825L 18V Lithium Ion Trim and Edge Reflex Strimmer Review

Black & Decker GLC1825L StrimmerKey Features

  • E-Drive Technology
  • Cordless; runs on an 18V Lithium battery
  • 25cm cutting width and auto single line feed
  • Cuts 1500meters in one charge
  • Lightweight (2.2kg) grass trimmer for improved manoverability and control

If you have tried mowing your lawn before, then you know of the hassles this simple task may bring you. The device may be too heavy to push around easily, the cord may get tangled in your garden gnomes or you might end up with a garden that doesn’t look like it has been trimmed at all.

The answer to all of these problems and more may be summed up in one piece of equipment; the Black & Decker GLC1825L Grass Strimmer. This lightweight and cordless strimmer has revolutionized the way we see garden maintenance. No longer do we have to struggle to keep our gardens looking neat.

The Black & Decker GLC1825L 18V Strimmer is a lightweight strimmer, weighing only 2.2kg, that allows any user to easily manoeuvre the device around his/her garden.Black & Decker GLC1825L 18V Lithium Ion

This device runs on E-Drive technology, wherein the high torque gear system allows the strimmer to take on wet and thick grass with ease.

One of the biggest features of this device is its cord-free nature. The 18V Lithium battery that operates this product allows for 20 minutes of continuous trimming, or 1500 meters in one charge. The battery only takes 4 hours to charge, with a battery capacity of 1.5 Ah. The cordless strimmer also lessens the hassle of entangled cords and constant shifting of extension plugs that electric strimmers deal with.

The 25cm cutting width, along with the automatic single line feed of this strimmer, allows a user to efficiently cut grass around his/her garden in a manner that is both quick and easy. Both the handle and the telescopic tube of the Black & Decker GLC1825L 18V Lithium Ion Trim and Edge Reflex Auto Line Feed Strimmer are adjustable, which allows a user to change the device’s orientation to one that suits them best.


  • The lightweight design of this strimmer makes it very easy to use and carry around.
  • The cord-free build of this model allows a user to easily move around his/her garden with no trouble at all.
  • No longer do people have to worry about accidentally cutting the cord or getting it entangled with your garden plants. The whole device is user-friendly.


Some users have commented over the battery’s life of 4 hours, and how this is not enough time for them to get the whole job done. This might be because this strimmer was specially designed to take care of medium sized gardens, and may cause inconvenience to users with larger gardens.

Customer Reviews

It can be concluded that majority of users are happy with the performance of their Black & Decker GLC1825L Strimmer. The strimmer does as advertised. It is easy to use, easy to handle and easy to store. The cord-free design of the tool allows a person to freely move around his/her garden with ease and comfort.

One thing that some customers did not find appealing about this device is its battery’s life of only 4 hours.

“Good strimmer, but not as powerful as i had hoped. Battery life still not great despite paying extra for lithium battery. Re-charge takes 8 hours, not the 4 hours stated when I bought item. Runs out quickly, about 10 to 15 mins, so constant lengthy re-charging to get job done.”

Liz, Amazon Customer Review

“Well constructed, just needed a little care to put together before use. Strims well, battery last about 30 minutes. Recharging good, and it is important to keep battery on charge when not in use. I haven’t tried the edging function yet, but have noted the method of use.”

Delbert, Amazon Customer Review

The Black & Decker GLC1825L has been reviewed by 78 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.2 out of 5.0. Read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


Overall, the Black & Decker GLC1825L 18V Strimmer is a practical buy for people looking for a good strimmer for their medium-sized gardens.

How much will a Cordless Strimmer cost?

Like any product cordless strimmers can be bought in all shapes and forms. For a good quality well reviewed model you could expect to pay between £50 and £100. Find out which cordless strimmers we recommend.

Using a Rechargeable Battery?

One of the advantages of a cordless strimmer is that it is rechargeable. Unlike other types of strimmer you do not need to worry about using the right mix of oil or a power cord. Without a good battery the machine is almost useless. A good rechargeable battery will last for at least 20 minutes on a single charge. The better the battery the easier it will deal with harder jobs such as longer grass. Try to look out for machines with a lithium ion battery.

Lithium-ion batteries are very popular for cordless devices and are so common because they have some important advantages over competing battery technologies:

  • they will hold their charge with only a small loss in power
  • they can cope with hundreds of charge/discharge cycles.

Key Features to consider when selecting a Cordless Strimmer

Battery Life

How long will the battery last? The better the battery the longer you can work and the more work that you can complete on a single charge.


One of the most important features to look out for in a cordless strimmer is how easy is to carry around? How portable is the unit? Check the dimensions of the unit to ensure it will easily fit wherever you choose to store it. There are various sizes so always pick the one that fits your needs and requirements and more importantly fits in your shed.


Look into the weight of the unit, generally the lighter the starter the more portable.


I like most people tend to part with my money when I love the appearance of a product even if it does not fulfill all my requirements. I think to myself, do I find the product appealing? If not then I will not touch it with a barge pole. This should also apply to strimmers.


If money is no were no object then you could forget about this consideration but for many the cost of the unit is probably the most important consideration. Generally you can easily pick up a decent model from between £50 to £100.


Reliability is a key measure whenever you are considering purchasing a product to use in an emergency situation. There are a few ways to find out how reliable a product is, the best in my opinion is to check product reviews, and forums. Use the customer scores and reviews to gauge how reliable the cordless strimmer is. Generally if a model has a specific reliability issue then it will become apparent from reading these reviews.


Many products come with a manufacturer’s warranty that should give a customer peace of mind, so you are ensured of getting a replacement for a faulty unit if the fault appears within the warranty period. Manufacturers offer different length and coverage of warranty. There are some that can offer a lifetime limited warranty while others offer one or two years of limited warranty. In terms of coverage, there could be some differences too. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have read and understood the warranty coverage first before buying a specific product.

Bottom Line

Now that you have seen the options and reviewed our top picks for the best cordless strimmer on the market, it’s up to you to pick what meets your needs, is in your budget, and overall help you in your garden.

As you know, new strimmers are being created all the time by new and old manufacturers.  For that reason, the site will be updated as new strimmers need to be added to the list.  Or if you feel like we missed a superior strimmer that needs to be included on the list, let me know in the comments below!

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