GTECH ST05 Grass Trimmer & Edger 14.4v Lithium Ion Battery Review

GTECH ST05 Grass Trimmer & Edger 14.4v Lithium Ion Battery Review

GTECH ST05 Grass Trimmer & EdgerKey Features

  • Cordless; runs on a re-chargeable lithium ion battery
  • Includes a pack of 20 blades
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable handle and telescopic tube
  • Head is able to rotate 180 degrees



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If you are looking for a trimmer that also acts as an edger, then the GTECH ST05 Grass Trimmer & Edger 14.4v is a great find for you to look at. This is one of those rare devices that can change accordingly to who uses it; adjusting itself to whatever suits the current user best.

Having great and neat looking gardens is a dream that can be easily achieved with this product. No longer will you have to hide overgrown plants and uneven trim jobs from your neighbours and visitors. Soon, you can have a lawn to be proud of.

The GTECH ST05 Grass Trimmer & Edger is a cordless trimmer and edger that takes care of your garden in less the time for less the hassle. The cord-free nature of this product gives users freedom to easily work the device around their gardens. No longer will you have problems with short power cords that do not reach all corners and twists of your garden. This trimmer runs on a 14.4V lithium ion battery that is easy to use and easy to charge.

GTECH ST05 Grass Trimmer & Edger

This device comes equipped with 20 extra blades, allowing you to easily replace one blade with another as soon as it gives out.

The strimmer weighs only 2.5kg and is therefore very lightweight. This allows users of any body-build to easily push the device around virtually any garden, without tiring out. The handle and telescopic tube of this device are adjustable, allowing a user to change the parts around to whatever suits him/her best. This offers a user convenience and ease-of-use.

The GTECH ST05 Grass Trimmer & Edger 14.4v Lithium Ion Battery easily changes from a trimmer to an edger. This lets a user shape the garden of his/her dreams to their very own specifications. The head rotates 180 degrees as well, making it easier to reach those hard to access places.


  • This is a definite improvement over hand held garden sheers that many individuals make use of today.
  • The cord-free, lightweight design of this device makes it easy to use and easy to store away.
  • This product trims grass effectively and quickly.


The lithium ion battery of the GTECH ST05 Grass Trimmer & Edger 14.4v Lithium Ion Battery does not last long enough for users to successfully trim large scale gardens. The battery may require recharging to complete larger gardens.

Customer Reviews

The majority of users have been satisfied by this strimmer. The GTECH ST05 Grass Trimmer & Edger 14.4v Lithium Ion Battery does as advertised, and cuts grass in a swift and easy manner.

“Excellent design and practibility.The balance and ease of operation is a joy to use. The cutting blades are so easy to change compared with other Strimmers.”

Brian J Bennett, Amazon Customer Review

“An excellent product. We have had two previously and the only problems were that the battery duration is a little short (for us, 45 mins would be much better) and, after a while the motor comes adrift from its mountings and there is no way of fixing it.”

Mr Antony G Coster, Amazon Customer Review

TheĀ GTECH ST05 Grass Trimmer has been reviewed by 125 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.0 out of 5.0. Read more verified reviews and ratings on Amazon – Click here.


Watch this short video on using the GTech ST05 Grass Trimmer.


The GTECH ST05 Grass Trimmer & Edger is a practical buy for users looking for a simple device to successfully trim their small or medium-sized gardens. See the GTECH ST05 Trimmer on Amazon.

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